Real Change Takes Time

So here we are kicking off 2022. Happy New Year!
Another 365 days to attempt to fulfill our New Year’s Resolutions.
Or not.
I’ve never been a big fan of making New Year’s resolutions. They tend to be too big and too overwhelming for most of us to see them through. We end up beating ourselves up a little bit each month for either not having started them OR for already having let them fall by the wayside.
What AM I a big fan of?   Goals, Planning and Timelines, ANYTIME of the year!
True change takes multiple baby steps all strung together over time, not one giant step all at once.
Baby Step + Baby Step + Baby Step = Meaningful Change!
I did a quick Google search to see which resolutions continuously make the list. You can probably guess the top ones without even looking. We’ve all made those!
Although not #1 or even #2, declarations such as “Save More Money” and “Get Finances Organized” do make the Top 5.
Issues around money are one of the greatest stressors in our lives, so it’s not surprising that it consistently makes the list.
But here’s the thing – resolutions like the ones above are much too broad!
I can almost guarantee the year will come and go and you will not have taken any steps to “save more money” or “get finances organized”.
And not because you’re a failure, or unmotivated, or any other negative tag you may give yourself, but because you’re HUMAN.
Nothing happens overnight, and sometimes these lofty resolutions we set for ourselves in January only leave us feeling defeated when we don’t accomplish them.
Whatever your resolutions may be, BREAK THEM DOWN. Set one small baby step at a time and a date to have it completed. When you accomplish that one, set a new one. Think small, but more frequent.
I promise you, over time, you will see the results you are looking for. Happy New Year!

My Favorite Quotes

“It’s wise to accept that human faults are inevitable. Factor that in and KEEP GOING.”

-Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple