Welcome to New Shore Financial. I’m Sue Danson, the founder — and I’m not your parents’ financial advisor. I take a fresh approach to financial advice — one that rejects the notion that financial planning is a luxury reserved only for those with a defined level of assets.

I partner with professional women like you, facing financial transition, to help you understand the unique considerations associated with these changes, providing clarity and confidence around your financial decisions.

  • Career Change
  • Job Loss
  • Promotion
  • Re-entering the Workforce
  • Deciding whether or not to work outside the Home
  • Handling Financial and Health Matters for Aging Family Members
  • Inheritance
  • Divorce
  • New Marriage
  • When to Retire
  • Death of a Spouse

As women, contending with life change is par for the course. And with big life change comes big, life-changing decisions — the kind you shouldn’t have to make alone. Allow me to help you make financially powerful choices with confidence.

Dealing with money can be overwhelming, but there’s no better time than now. There’s no magic moment when you’re suddenly not busy or it becomes convenient. When you make the choice to partner with me, I commit to helping you gain clarity and control over your financial life.

Latest blog post

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    The first impactful memory I have around money always comes to me right away. It’s a story I shared at my dad’s 70th birthday celebration. I was about 10 years old and was with him at the ATM. He always counted the money before putting it in his wallet. When he counted it on this… Read on…